Introducing Personal Security Report

Personal Security Report, Brought to you by the Hard Work from the Folks at Stratfor Global Intelligence

It is the goal of Personal Security Report to provide our readers and subscribers with relevant, timely, and practical information that allows them to stay informed and better prepared for the hazards and pitfalls that can waylay the average citizen in their daily lives or travels. Personal Security Reports stays on the leading edge of personal security matters and concerns and is committed to delivering valuable and essential facts and data that helps our audience to better and more safely wend their way through these uncertain and sometimes difficult times.

You will find all aspects of better managing your personal safety as well as the security of those near and dear to you. From international travel tips, to common sense and frank and honest reporting on terrorism and its reach, Personal Security Report has your back and is ready to offer helpful information that better prepares us all for the possibilities as well as the improbabilities that can happen in our daily routines or when unusual or irregular events or situations arise.

It is anticipated that as Personal Security Report continues to grow, evolve, and add more information and resources that help you, our interested readers, remain informed, prepared, and knowledgeable about your own and our society’s safety and well being, that you will benefit both personally and financially through the advice and recommendations that you will find here. As you peruse these pages and find helpful and pertinent material that could be of assistance and enlightenment to your friends, family, and colleagues, you are encouraged to both bookmark Personal Security Report as well as sharing the website with others who could similarly benefit from its contents.

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This blog will rely heavily on articles I’ve read from Stratfor.