Feeding Terrorist Threats and Goals

There is no doubt that in today’s times, terrorism is a very real and tangible inevitability. What we fail to take into consideration, though, is that while terrorism is nothing to disregard or belittle, it is also important to put it all in proper perspective. Similar to shutting and locking the barn door after the horses have fled, some of the reactive actions taken due to terrorist attacks seem to be established as a poor, after-the-fact, kneejerk reaction.

Particularly since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which were truly unthinkable and traumatizing, measures taken to avoid a repeat of this disaster usually are more theater than sensible. Looking for box cutters and shoe bombs certainly doesn’t hurt, but how often are we seeing a repeat occurrence of a previous action? If this type of macabre theater is designed to soothe and calm the concerns and fears of the innocent and naïve, perhaps this placebo effect has some value. But the fact that the proclaimed war on terror goes on and on indicates that terrorism does not come in one package or simple formula that only requires a basic antidote.

Perhaps even more ironic is how, after the terrible events of 2001 happened, we cheered on the Bush administration in bloating our already too large and inept government by the creation and implementation of additional agencies such as the Transportation Security Administration and Homeland Security Department. The hard facts are that the expansion of government oversight has done little to nothing in preventing or even slowing down future terrorist actions and events.

It seems to have been forgotten that we were indeed warned in advance of the impending catastrophe; the intelligence was there and was communicated to the proper parties, but it was basically downplayed and ignored. Furthermore, we seem to wish to assume that terrorists are neither clever nor original, but we have found bombs in shoes, underwear, and even in innocuous bottles of clear liquids.

It is of course important to heed past acts and to better prepare ourselves for future atrocities, but the additional distrust and oversight of the mass of innocent and honest citizens perhaps has now gone too far. We are now used to being shuffled through airport security lines, government buildings, and enduring gun toting mavericks who believe that they can take down and eradicate unexpected attacks. Let’s instead arm ourselves with information and sensibility so that we can better cope with future problems that will undoubtedly arise.

NOTE: The preceding article references information from Stratfor Global Intelligence and the following URL: