Home Invasions: Are You at Risk

Home Invasion: Are You at Risk?

While having your home robbed or burglarized is certainly no fun, being the victim of a home invasion is an even worse nightmare. Statistics show that families and individuals who are home during such a crime show little chance of survival. While it is true that many home invasions occur in lower-income neighborhoods and are often related to drug offenses or debt collections from gangs and syndicates, no one person or group should ever considered themselves immune from such an incident.

Home invasions naturally require more advanced planning and it is quite typical that the intruder’s intent is to come upon the residents while they are at home instead of being away at work or on vacation. This means that the crime will involve prior surveillance and more detailed notes concerning the activities and schedules of the inhabitants of the targeted residence. Home invasions tend to be more personal as well, in the sense that the criminal is seeking something specific from their victim, rather than seeking out an easy and vulnerable home that is inviting a random burglary.

Without needing to be perpetually paranoid and on the lookout for trouble, it is certainly wise to use common sense and your own cognitive facilities when you are out and about and entering or leaving your home. If it seems like someone is showing much more than usual interest in your property or comings and goings, it doesn’t hurt to let that fact sound a gentle yet clear alarm that something can be amiss. This means that you should not dismiss or ignore clear signs or aberrant behavior and incidences, but there is no need to overreact either. A mental note that something is out of place should be jotted down in the recesses of your mind. If you find that this unusual or unexpected activity continues over a brief period of time, then you should raise your sensors and start paying closer attention to these seemingly trivial yet abnormal happenings.

Even if you are a specific target for some unknown reason, criminal routinely perform regular observations and keep close notes to ensure that their plan will succeed. If their presence becomes more noticeable than they originally intended, chances are good that the plans will be dropped or postponed for another time.

So while you cannot guarantee that you will never be the victim of a home invasion, employing awareness of your surroundings and environment could be the key to spoiling or altering the plans of a criminal enterprise.

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